Building the bridge to our clean energy future.

Our mission is to fight climate change by providing flexible capital solutions to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy. As former developers, the Leyline Renewable Capital team knows the challenges in the project development cycle and has the expertise and capital to help.

Making renewable energy investments that make a difference.

Leyline has invested in more than 40 projects that are generating a substantial positive impact on our environment and economy.

CO2 emissions eliminated annually
Projected methane emissions eliminated annually
Potential renewable energy generation capacity
Value of renewable energy projects our capital has been leveraged to build

Our Commitment to the Environment and Social Change


Focusing our efforts where they can do the most good.

It’s not just about providing development-stage capital for promising projects in key areas. Beyond being part of the renewables revolution, we’re also part of the wider world. We’re committed to making the way we do business more equitable and inclusive, and addressing systemic issues that have held back too many for far too long.

Thinking strategically. Maintaining flexibility. Following through.

For developers, it’s never a straight line from project concept to implementation. For Leyline, that’s when we’re at our best – not just providing development-stage capital, but also solving problems, being creative, sharing our experience and using our extensive network to meet the specific needs of each individual project.


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