Pre-construction capital that comes with experience.

Investment Criteria

What do we consider when investing pre-construction capital? Several things.

Environmental Impact:

The project will lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions or other positive environmental impact.

The Location:

Ideally the project is located in a state with strong pro-renewable energy policies.

The Developer:

Ideally the developer has experience in the field and a track record of completing similar projects.

Site Control:

The developer has a lease, purchase option, or site control agreement.

Permitting and Construction:

The developer has thoroughly assessed technology and construction feasibility, understands local permitting regulations, and will hire an experienced EPC to execute the project.

Operations and Maintenance:

The developer is experienced at operating and maintaining similar projects or has contracted with an experienced operator.

Sales Agreements:

The developer has agreements in place, or a clear path forward, for sale of any generated power or gas.

At Leyline, we understand the challenges of getting renewable energy projects off the ground – and the importance of having pre-construction capital available to accelerate opportunities. How? We’ve been in your shoes.

Our leadership team brings more than 30 years of hands-on development insight to the process. We can talk from experience about the realities, the potential obstacles, and the best paths forward – reducing the chance of default and helping ensure smooth construction that stays on schedule and budget. We perform structure due diligence to minimize legal and construction-related risks. We can also provide development and construction services as needed.

We’ll be there for you with pre-construction capital early on. Just as important, we’ll be there with you for the long term. Our goal is to give you the confidence to pursue big ideas, by supporting your efforts when it matters most, and providing the resources you need to build a viable bridge from planning to execution.

In short? Our pre-construction capital, combined with our unique focus and experience, can accelerate the development process and help developers scale their business.

Want to start a conversation? Fill out the form below or email our Managing Directors directly. For solar, wind, and battery storage projects, email Todd Kice. For anaerobic digestion, landfill gas, or RNG projects, email Joshua Schaff.


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