Development Capital

Leyline helps well-established developers with proven technologies mitigate potential delays or risks with access to capital

Leyline Development Capital increases the value of a developer’s portfolio of mid-stage projects

Developers with demonstrated success and three or more projects in a portfolio can use Leyline Development Capital to continue development with an eye toward a successful sale at a stage later than could be achieved without external capital. Holding onto projects longer increases returns to developers and helps secure the best
long-term owner.

Leyline provides non-dilutive capital solutions to renewable energy development companies. Our financing solutions allow founders to keep their equity, while providing an opportunity to grow their portfolio of projects.


Non-Dilutive Capital

Keep your equity and continue to call the shots while supported by Leyline’s debt-based capital.

Development Support

Leyline team of experts is ready to help you tackle development challenges and best paths forward.

Aligned Incentives

We structure deals to align your incentives with ours, so our returns are based on your success.

Execution Efficiency

Our technical and market assessment expertise means faster closings, even with customized term sheets.


Our team of development financing experts are here to help.

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