Late-Stage Capital

Leyline helps developers overcome last-minute roadbumps to complete a project and get it ready to sell

Leyline Late-Stage Capital helps developers bring projects to NTP and COD

Best suited for projects that have almost reached the construction stage, Leyline Late-Stage enables experienced developers to bridge any remaining or unexpected gaps that need to be addressed before a sale. These include late-stage development costs, deposits or capital for limited-time opportunities, as well as construction. The facility serves individual projects or portfolios to help developers reach COD.  

Leyline provides non-dilutive capital solutions to renewable energy development companies. Our financing solutions allow founders to keep their equity, while providing an opportunity to grow their portfolio of projects.


Non-Dilutive Capital

Keep your equity and continue to call the shots while supported by Leyline’s debt-based capital.

Development Support

Leyline team of experts is ready to help you tackle development challenges and best paths forward.

Aligned Incentives

We structure deals to align your incentives with ours, so our returns are based on your success.

Execution Efficiency

Our technical and market assessment expertise means faster closings, even with customized term sheets.


Our team of development financing experts are here to help.

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