Tax Credit Bridge Loan

Raise immediate capital using the tax credit under the new IRA bill

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) makes solar and standalone storage investment tax credits transferable.

With a Leyline Tax Credit Bridge Loan, you can access cash needed for construction, development, or deposits by borrowing against the value of the transferable tax credit. Use NTP projects to generate needed capital. Focus time and funds on development.

Use Leyline Tax Credit Bridge Loans for community solar, standalone storage, utility scale solar, and RNG facilities.


Raise cash for construction

Leyline loans against future tax credit monetization, which  can be used to raise project-level capital to solve for equity checks under a conventional construction loan. Excess proceeds can be used for development expenses or working capital.

Avoid tax equity uncertainty

Structured tax equity financing can interfere with and delay construction financing and NTP. With Leyline bridge financing, you can raise construction capital faster and focus on getting projects to NTP.

Eliminate the tax investor buyout

Free yourself from the headache of tax investor buyouts down the road. In a rising interest rate environment, these buyouts are major risks to your project.

Save on project development soft costs

Tax credit transfer loans are simple and can close with a fraction of the deliverables needed for a construction loan. Speed up your pipeline to get more solar in the ground, faster!


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