Case Study: Renewable Natural Gas

Leyline invests in waste-to-value streams, including renewable natural gas (RNG) projects. Typical projects use feedstocks, such as landfill gas, cow manure, swine manure, or food waste, and process them to generate renewable natural gas - which can then be sold to generate revenue for developers.

By investing in RNG projects, Leyline partners with developers in the fight against climate change. Methane has a global warming potential more than 25 times greater than CO2.

Instead of waste decomposing and releasing methane into the atmosphere, a landfill gas or anaerobic digester project captures the methane gas, upgrades to quality standards and injects it into a pipeline, displacing dirty "brown" gas and reducing the environmental impact.

Since its founding, Leyline has invested more than $23 million in 14 RNG projects across the country, producing 192,000 MMBTU of energy per year. Leyline's development experience, flexibility, and efficiency allow it to find solutions to a variety of RNG developers' needs - whether it's scaling up complex projects, providing local expertise, or bringing a long-planned project to life.

Leyline understands the challenges of getting RNG projects off the ground - and the importance of having pre-construction capital available to accelerate opportunities.

Our leadership team brings more than 30 years of hands-on development insight to the process, so we can talk from experience about the realities, potential obstacles, and best paths forward.

Ultimately, our goal is to give you the confidence to pursue big ideas, by supporting your efforts when it matters most, and providing the resources you need to build a viable bridge from planning to execution.

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Read Leyline's RNG case study to learn about our partnerships with Dynamic, CleanBay Renewables, and Evensol to develop three successful RNG projects.

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