Leyline Issues Statement on Equity

We, the individuals who make up Leyline Renewable Capital, have found ourselves galvanized as millions of citizens have taken to the streets to protest the violent murders of countless Black men, women, and children at the hands of unjust systems of power - and to demand change that is long overdue. Some of us have participated in the protests. Yet it is clear to all of us that we benefit from the same unjust systems that we denounce. Renewable energy, as one example of structural inequality, is an industry in which Black people are grossly underrepresented. We've pursued careers in this critical, impactful field without being accountable for how little we include voices from communities of color in its development.

As a company, Leyline Renewable Capital has been watching, listening, and reflecting - and is now taking action so that we are part of the meaningful, decisive change that the protests are calling for. We can easily say Black Lives Matter. Today we join with our local, national, and global communities in the hard work of making that statement a reality in our society.

As a point of beginning, Leyline is identifying specific areas in education, finance, and employment where we can contribute to systemic change. We will work to open more doors in renewable energy to Black students and professionals and other people of color. We commit to reporting publicly on a quarterly basis on the progress of our contributions to the solution. We call on our peers in renewable energy to do the same. Most importantly, we adopt a posture of humble service, willingly offering our personal, intellectual, and capital resources, but also agreeing to be led in their use by the Black institutions, communities, and individuals we seek to serve.

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